Ever since I learned to write, I learned that writing was a way to channel my emotions and feelings about life.  I can recall being in grammar school and my teachers reading my spelling sentences to the class. Then as I got older my essays and compositions were read to the class because the teachers felt I had "insight" about the subjects I wrote about. By the time I was in college my professor tried talking me into journalism although I knew I would not get approval to do that. Time has passed and writing brought me through all the trials and tribulations of life. In my view, writing has been the best therapy I could possibly have. Diaries and journals have been a huge part of my life. Without them who knows what crazy things I may have done. 


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Hometown: Chicago


If you are a sperm donor or the product of a sperm donor, please reach out. Please share your thoughts. My book is a letter to my sperm donor. 

Elsa Prado

Author .

My story reveals the consequences of decisions made that were not thought through​~Elsa Prado